About Us

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Our story


Welcome to our Universe of Extended Beauty! We are happy to see you and hope to beautify the world of yours and your loved ones.

Let us give it a try! We offer beautifying home decoration as well as beauty products, sparkle and glamour for the body. Nothing is “too much” in our Universe of glitter, glam and luxurious elegancy!

Extended Beauty is all about boosting and prolonging beauty with quality products. We carefully choose our suppliers and products to give you the best experience. Nothing is arbitrary when we create our luxurious Universe!

We are “glitter manias”, perfectionists, beauty promoters… However, the only thing that really matters is that we make you and your home feel BEAUTIFUL!

Our mission is to bring more glamour, glitter and happiness into your world! Home and body are our canvases and we revitalize those canvases with all the sparkle and beauty we got.

We desire the beautiful things in life and some of it, we have right here; Everlasting Roses, Flower Bears, glitter for your beautiful body and crystal coated home decoration.

Go happy!

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